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Driving Success by Empowering Team Autonomy

Driving Success by Empowering Team Autonomy

Mite Mitreski, CTO of Signicat, shares his insights on how autonomous teams drive progress, what strategies you can apply to support their performance and how big picture beats performance metrics.

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Mite Mitreski is the CTO of Signicat, the leading provider of digital identity solutions in Europe. They’re on a mission to bring trust in the digital world. Companies use Signicat to onboard customers, sign agreements, manage user logins, and automate identity workflows – while fighting fraud and staying compliant across multiple markets.

Before Signicat, Mite was an engineering director and part of the CTO office at Klarna. He brings intensive experience in engineering leadership and great insights in high-performing teams.

In this conversation, we explore:

  • Signicat’s team structure and processes for software delivery.

  • How does developer experience and understanding of the big picture affect performance and how do performance metrics?

  • What’s the role of QA in Signicat and how does that affect performance?

  • How much of the performance is due to tooling and infrastructure?

  • What’s the hiring process at Signicat and how do they ensure smooth onboarding and high team retention?

  • What’s the difference between developing APIs for public and private use? What learnings can any team pick up from this?

Mite emphasizes the importance of team autonomy in driving progress at Signicat. They have certain standards, but every team is generally free to choose their own processes. Their most successful teams deploy multiple times per day, and we explore their strategy for expanding this approach across the board.

Even though they depend on manual QA due to the industry they’re in, Mite emphasizes the importance of automation and how can manual testing negatively affect the overall team performance.

According to Mite, “The moment you start using metrics for performance directly is the moment they start to be gamed.” He believes that an understanding of the big picture and good developer experience have a much higher impact on the team's performance than any metric you can choose.

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