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By Tosho Trajanov

CTO Insights - Issue #99



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CTO Insights - Issue #99
By Tosho Trajanov • Issue #99 • View online
Welcome to CTO Insights #99!
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This week’s favorite - The Best Engineers Think Like Investors, Not Builders.
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The Ultimate Playbook for Sourcing Engineering Talent Fast
The Insights
Building a Payments System That Scales to Infinity (With Examples)
No-code Isn’t Scalable.
How To Get Better at Giving Feedback?
The Power of Listening in Helping People Change
Tips For Building and Managing Winning Engineering Teams
A Crash Course on NFT Project Design
How Open Source is Contributing to Your Team’s Development
"Things I wish I had learned earlier as a Developer"
The Best Engineers Think Like Investors, Not Builders
How to Restructure Your Organization for Microservice Applications
Closing Notes
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Tosho Trajanov

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