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CTO Insights - Issue #97

CTO Insights - Issue #97
By Tosho Trajanov • Issue #97 • View online
Welcome to CTO Insights #97!
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This week’s favorite - Why People Lose Motivation — and What Managers Can Do to Help.
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Adeva - Work Without Boundaries
The Insights
How Expedia Group Platform Engineering Revamped Their Compute Platform
Few Tips to Overcome Scaling Challenges Like Design Decisions, Tech Debt, and Developer Satisfaction
Why People Lose Motivation — and What Managers Can Do to Help
Flo Health’s Path to the Hiring Strategy in Engineering
How to Quickly (and successfully) Onboard Engineers
Rethinking Delivery With Product Ops in the Age of Product
Start Using Checklists
How the Workforce Has Adapted to Remote Work for the Better
Risk, Decisons, and Scarcity
Purposeful Innovation for Good. PayPal's New Initiative
Closing Notes
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