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CTO Insights - Issue #93

CTO Insights - Issue #93
By Tosho Trajanov • Issue #93 • View online
Welcome to CTO Insights #93!
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This week’s favorite - Remote Work Is Killing Big Offices. Cities Must Change To Survive.
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An OpenSource Workflow Automation
The Insights
Under the Hood: How We Built API Versioning for LinkedIn Marketing APIs
Performance — Micro and Macro Optimizations
Scaling Appsec at Netflix (Part 2)
What Super Productive People Do Differently
Grow Your Leadership Impact as a Tech Lead or Engineering Manager
How to Speed Up Your Bug Reporting Workflow
Applying Federated Learning to Protect Data on Mobile Devices
Lessons Learned From Becoming CTO of a Small Startup
Working for the B Team. It Isn’t All Bad
Remote Work Is Killing Big Offices. Cities Must Change To Survive!
Uber’s Real-Time Document Check
What's on?
Closing Notes
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