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CTO Insights - Issue #54


CTO Insights

September 12 · Issue #54 · View online

Weekly Readings on Software Engineering & Technical Leadership.

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This week’s favorite - 5 Properties of a Healthy Software Project. 🎯
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Remote Hiring Platform for Developers - Adeva
The Insights
Micro Frontends: Deep Dive into Rendering Engine
Designing Serviceability Platform for High Scale - Swiggy
5 Properties of a Healthy Software Project
Transform Your Team: Giving Constructive Feedback to Employees in Spades with Examples
How to Coach an Employee Who Is Performing Well
How WhatsApp Is Enabling End-to-End Encrypted Backups
How to Build and Scale Ecommerce Businesses in the Cloud
Strategies For API Dependency Management
Migrating Notion's Marketing Site to Next.js
Those Pesky Pull Request Reviews
What's on?
The Future of Fintech - Sep 23, 2021
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