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CTO Insights - Issue #53


CTO Insights

September 5 · Issue #53 · View online

Weekly Readings on Software Engineering & Technical Leadership.

Welcome to CTO Insights #53!
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This week’s favorite - Streaming Real-Time Analytics with Redis, AWS Fargate, and Dash Framework.
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The Insights
Netflix Builds a Reliable, Scalable Platform with Event Sourcing, MQTT and Alpakka-Kafka
Streaming Real-Time Analytics with Redis, AWS Fargate, and Dash Framework
Optimizing My Site Increased Sales by Over 600% In One Week
A Guide To Writing A Robust Cross-Platform Implementation Plan
4 Questions that Build Psychological Safety
Why Burnout is Hard to Detect
Building Solutions to Problems That No One Knows Exist Yet
Increasing Operational Efficiency with Scalable Forecasting
The Code Review Struggle Is Real. Here’s What You Need to Know | GitLab
Reviewing the Eight Fallacies of Distributed Computing
How Organizations Are Thinking About Multi-Cloud Networking
Automating Multi-Armed Bandit Testing During Feature Rollout
Getting Release Dates Right: A Product Perspective on Building Trust
What's on?
Fintech ReImagined - September, 23th
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