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CTO Insights - Issue #106

CTO Insights - Issue #106
By Tosho Trajanov • Issue #106 • View online
Welcome to CTO Insights #106!
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This week’s favorite - Sizing Engineering Teams - Notes for Engineering Managers.
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100% open source alternative for Firebase
The Insights

Netflix's Priority Queuing Engine
Upgrading Data Warehouse Infrastructure at Airbnb
Atlassian Exceeds 99.9999% of Availability Using Sidecars and Highly Fault-Tolerant Design
Sizing Engineering Teams - IMPORTANT Notes for Engineering Managers
The Bi-Directional Relationship Between Developer Satisfaction and Productivity
A Flexible Framework for Effective Pair Programming
Book Recommendations for Software Engineers
How Passowrdless Works
The Daily Life of Software Developers
Automated Database Management With Continuous Integration
Closing Notes
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Tosho Trajanov

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